Learn = NFHS (National Federation of High School Associations) refers to coaches as Teacher/Coaches. This is a great concept and is so true. Kids will remember a lot of what their coaches say and do. In many cases, coaches rank right behind Teachers for the "My teacher said..." or "My coach said..." comments from our youth. Also, there is a direct correlation between athletics and being a better student/learner. Playing sports helps youth learn!

Play = Having fun! Practices and games should be fun. When kids were asked what are some of the most important things about playing sports, FUN is ranked at the top.

Compete = When scores are kept we will not be defined by winning or losing but defined by how we competed. Did each athlete compete at his or her highest ability to the very last second? It is about showing excellent sportsmanship from our athletes, coaches, and families on and off the field. Competing is a chance to show off the hard work put in during training and progressive athlete improvement.